Thursday, January 8, 2009

The BIG Fish that did not get away

Well I just finished a layout of my son and his 30.2 pound Black Drum. He son is 14 years old and he fought and landed this fish all on his own. We were and are very proud of him. The reason behind the Title and subtitle is you always hear people talking about the Huge fish they caught but it got away lol. Well this one did not.But let me tell you how this came to be so soon. My plan was to work from 05 to current, well one of my good cyber friends Vicki told me that I need to do this layout so that Jeremy (my son) would know just how proud of him I am. And she was right, so I did. But its back to 05 for me now. Need to be a busy busy bee lol. SO that I can scrap all the fun things that have been happening. And hopefully be working on current pictures soon lol. Thanks for taken a look .


  1. And you did a wonderful job, Gea!! Now before you get back to 2005..layout those fish cleaning pics that go with it!!

    Remember.."Nag, Nag, Nag!! lol11

  2. Gea,
    This layout came out GREAT!!!
    Keep up the great work!!!! :)