Sunday, March 8, 2009

I know its been a while. Life seems have taken over lol. Well I am working on getting back on track for goal for the year. I am working on my scrap area to get it organized so that I can spend all my free time working on pages and cards. So check back soon for more pages.

My family and I went to Monster Jam yesterday and we had a blast and today we are going on a picnic so there will be even more things to scrapbook. lol

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Baby Shower

This is from my baby shower back in June of 2005. I am not really sure I like but we cant love all our layouts can we? The important thing is I got it scrapped and the story is told. Which is what our goal as scrappers it to make sure the stories are told that go with the photos for everyone to enjoy right? I hope you enjoy it and thanks for looking.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The BIG Fish that did not get away

Well I just finished a layout of my son and his 30.2 pound Black Drum. He son is 14 years old and he fought and landed this fish all on his own. We were and are very proud of him. The reason behind the Title and subtitle is you always hear people talking about the Huge fish they caught but it got away lol. Well this one did not.But let me tell you how this came to be so soon. My plan was to work from 05 to current, well one of my good cyber friends Vicki told me that I need to do this layout so that Jeremy (my son) would know just how proud of him I am. And she was right, so I did. But its back to 05 for me now. Need to be a busy busy bee lol. SO that I can scrap all the fun things that have been happening. And hopefully be working on current pictures soon lol. Thanks for taken a look .

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Latest Layout

Well I have been busy deep cleaning the house and working on some projects that I will beable to post after this weekend; they are christmas gifts for my MIL (mother-in-law) shhh dont tell lol. I have just finished a layout how ever. This is of my oldest son when he was promoted out of elementary school and into middle school. These pictures where taken 3 almost 4 years ago. I know, I know I am way behind lol. Thats why one of goals for this year is get caught up on my scrapbooking. Anywho here is the picture of the layout. I am going to try to finish one more today. And I will post as I get them done. This will help me to be accountable for my working on my goal. This layout is a bit cluttered for me but I could not figure out what pictures where not important to the event so they are all there lol.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sewing Area

This is the sewing area that is at the other end of scrap desk. I love to sew; but scrapbooking is my true passion. Everything is neat and organized making it easy for me to complete a project. I also use the sewing machine for scrapbooking too. So having a place were it can sit out all the time makes it really nice. Now I just need to sew a cover it lol. I guess I have my first project for that side of the table.

My New Scraproom

This is the scraproom that my DH (dear husband) and DFIL (dear father-in-law) put together for me over Christmas. I love it. This picture is of the scrapbooking side of the desk. I have everything right there with arms reach. Its all organized and I have already put it to use.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!

I am going to give this blog thing a go and see what happens. I will try to update often and keep recent pictures posted too. I ahve set some goals for 2009. One of them being to work on my scrapbooks more. I am going to try to be working on 09' by the end of 2009 lol. I know thats funny but I am WAY behind. So just working on 09 would be great for me.

I am also going to continue to work on ME! Last year I did mange to lose 55 pounds. WooHoo go me lol. I will continue to work on this as well as other things to do with me.

Check back often and hopefully I will have changed some things.