Sunday, March 8, 2009

I know its been a while. Life seems have taken over lol. Well I am working on getting back on track for goal for the year. I am working on my scrap area to get it organized so that I can spend all my free time working on pages and cards. So check back soon for more pages.

My family and I went to Monster Jam yesterday and we had a blast and today we are going on a picnic so there will be even more things to scrapbook. lol


  1. After reading your post, I see we have some of the same goals for 2009. I am also very very very far behind! I am a teacher (first year) so I will try to get some scrapping done mostly this summer and TRY to carve out at least 1 DAY a month for scrapping if it is only for 2 hours!

  2. BTW--I am also new to blogging!